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Iqra has a monthly newsletter and an electronic bulletin that is distributed to over 400 subscribers. By placing advertisements on Iqra's media, you can reach the larger Muslim community of the Salt Lake Valley, as well as help fund the school.

The following is a way that you can use to help your business and Islamic education at Iqra Academy. Please fill it out and mail it us on the address above, drop it off at the school, or email us at advertisement email. You may also call 801-808-5846 for more info.

Advertising Plans

One Time 6 Months 12 Months
Email Bulletin $25 $100 $150
Montly Newsletter $25 $100 $150
School Website $25 $100 $150
All 3 $50 $250 $400
With the 12 month plan, you can place your flyers, brochures, and cards in all school events and activities. You will also get a special discount for setting up a table at our monthly events!


By placing a coupon for discounts on your products, you increase your business by attracting more customers. You can place a coupon advertisement for selected items, or for the entire purchase. Placing a coupon in our customers' publications is free of cost to you, but we ask you to support Islamic Education by contributing the coupon amount to Iqra.

Mailing Form

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Business Phone: Email Address: Website Address:
Contact Person: Contact Phone: Hours of Operation:

Advertising flyer (includes mailing form)